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As the current Information Age evolves, we can sometimes feel a little detached and disconnected. It's akin to when we grow older and get so busy that we ignore the simplicity and beauty of the world around us. Shel Silverstein poetically likened it to a universal "forgotten language."


Instead, we should try our best to take our time and not lose the ability to just stop and enjoy life itself. Music has always been a vehicle that can bring us closer to this state of altruism. Music makes us feel alive and helps us to reconnect with the people and places in our lives that really matter. We were never meant to travel alone.


Let's continue this journey together.




Monet9 was formed in 2007 in a downtown basement studio that unfortunately flooded.

They moved to a 3rd floor studio located inside a warehouse near LA, and were eventually evicted in December 2009.


They now reside at their country studio located next to a large Midwestern field of alfalfa.


Do you have a favorite digital music service provider? We’re on all of the major music services worldwide.

Swervin On Bridges

east of nazareth

LIVE! Tomorrow Only

13 1/2 Dreams

Two Singles

LocaL YokeL

Behind the Eight Ball


Swervin On Bridges

Next to Me




Mama's in the Kitchen


Sailor Man


Life, it Just Ain't Fair


When You Closed Your Eyes


I Saw Jesus




Hard to be Alone


Out' Your Mind


You Can Cry


Move On


Till We Reach the End


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